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MCProHosting - 2019 Recap - Year in Review
Our 2019 Recap!

Hello Everyone:

At the core of MCProHosting, are our customers. It has been an incredible 2019 full of new and exciting products and services. Our ultimate goal is to be the best game server hosting provider hands down. We achieve by delivering exceptional services, powered by our fantastic support team, always available to help you, no matter the issue.

As this year comes to a close, I wanted to share all of the ways we’re evolving our products for you. One of our core values is to listen to our customers to make sure we’re providing value to their needs. Because of this, we have done the following to serve you better:


Our new and improved control panel is a fantastic tool, built from the ground up, that allows you to have the power and control for your server, anytime, anywhere. The panel is super lightweight and enables the MCProHosting team to fully control and update it based on trends and server demands.

MCProHosting Control Panel - One Control Center
MCProHosting Control Panel


The Minecraft Bedrock was on our pipeline this year for improvement. With this new panel, we now can support the official software for Bedrock servers. This means better control, gameplay, and not having to worry about 3rd party software falling behind due to lack of updates.

MCProHosting Minecraft Pocket Edition Plans
Minecraft Bedrock Plans


The ultimate plan, with unlimited ram and player slots, for those who want no limits is finally here. It is by far one of our most popular plans, and we’re happy to be able to offer this to those hardcore players and server owners wanting to push the limits.


At the core of our company is our unparalleled support, and what better way to improve on it than adding a more accessible platform for our customers to receive help. Discord allows all players to join our community server, learn about what’s new, meet other players, and even get advice from our trained specialists, or other server owners who may be or have experienced the same issues you might come across.


Our customers love the games they play on their servers, online and offline. We wanted to expand their likes to include tangible items. We now offer a wide range of Minecraft and gaming related merchandise for you to enjoy in between gaming sessions at


Our support team is bar-none the best in the industry. They consist of the best specialists across server management and are always up to date with the latest releases, ready to help you stay up to date as well. Not only do they maintain a busy schedule being available to help you, but they also participate in numerous workshops. Here they sharpen their skills to quickly resolve your issues and help you get back to your game.

Dedicated MCProHosting Support Team
Support, When you need it


Much like the British Empire back in the 1700s, the sun never sets on our servers, more specifically data centers. We have now expanded to 19 locations across the globe. This is due to our high demand for more select locations but also interest from new areas around the world.

MCProHosting - Location Map
19 Locations Across the globe


All of the questions and concerns you bring us eventually become Knowledgebase articles that can be used as a valuable source for help at any time. In 2019 alone our team has written 32 new articles, plus dozens updated to reflect server updates and software releases by the game developers.


Our newest members to join the MCProHosting family are Beepers and D3di.  They are a cute duo that you’ll be seeing in videos, and news pertaining to your services.  Expect to see more of them in 2020!


Our News page is going to be a central hub for you to learn more about the company, the products, as well as the team, its vision, and core values. This hub will become a new platform for us to openly share new projects, events, updates, and ways for you to have a better experience.


Our Sales and Marketing Team had the pleasure to meet many of you in Seattle, Charlotte, and Chicago for Minefaire, an official Minecraft event.  We were very fortunate to meet new clients, and current clients. It’s a blast to hear about what you like about our services, and what suggestions you have that may help you as well as others.

Minefaire Expo Chicago - MCProHosting
Minefaire Chicago 2019

Our mission at MCProHosting will always be to enable you with the tools and access you need to have a fantastic experience, no matter the game, or location.

We want to continue earning your business, and we plan to do so by listening, responding, and improving.

From all of us at MCProHosting, thank you for your trust, feedback, and continued support.


Pedro Esparza

Executive Director